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Where to Find Alcohol in Marrakech

Marrakech, the vibrant and culturally rich city in Morocco, offers a captivating blend of history, architecture, and culinary delights. While Morocco is known for its tea culture, you might be wondering where to find alcohol in Marrakech. Although alcohol is not as readily available as in some other destinations, there are still several places where you can enjoy a drink and unwind during your visit. In this blog post, we'll explore some popular establishments in Marrakech where you can find alcohol, ensuring you have a complete experience in this enchanting city.

Upscale Hotels and Resorts:

Many upscale hotels and resorts in Marrakech offer a variety of dining options, including bars and lounges where you can enjoy a refreshing beverage. These establishments cater to international visitors and often have well-stocked bars with a wide selection of wines, spirits, and cocktails. Some notable hotels with bars in Marrakech include La Mamounia, Royal Mansour, and Four Seasons Resort Marrakech.

Trendy Restaurants and Rooftop Bars:

Marrakech is home to a burgeoning food scene, and many trendy restaurants and rooftop bars have emerged in recent years. These establishments offer a unique blend of Moroccan flavors and international cuisine, along with a selection of alcoholic beverages. Le Jardin, Kabana, Nomad, and Atay Café Food are just a few examples of venues where you can enjoy a delicious meal accompanied by a glass of wine or a cocktail while taking in breathtaking views of the city.

Pubs and Sports Bars:

For a more casual atmosphere, Marrakech also boasts a few pubs and sports bars that cater to a diverse crowd. These venues are great for socializing, watching live sports events, and enjoying a cold beer. Café Du Livre, Sky 68, and Kosybar are popular spots among locals and expatriates, offering a laid-back ambiance where you can relax and mingle with fellow travelers.

Licensed Stores and Supermarkets:

If you prefer enjoying a drink in the comfort of your own accommodation or a picnic in one of Marrakech's beautiful parks, you can purchase alcohol from licensed stores and supermarkets. There are a few well-known liquor stores in the city, such as Carrefour, Marjane, and Les Caves de l'Atlas, where you can find a wide range of wines, spirits, and beers. Please note that alcohol availability may vary, and it's advisable to check the operating hours and regulations beforehand.

While alcohol consumption in Marrakech may not be as prevalent as in some other destinations, there are still several places where you can enjoy a drink and unwind. From upscale hotels and trendy restaurants to casual pubs and licensed stores, Marrakech offers a variety of options to suit different preferences. Remember to respect local customs and laws surrounding alcohol consumption and enjoy your experience responsibly. Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Marrakech alongside the occasional indulgence, creating cherished memories of your journey in this captivating city.